Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Someone's World View

Today, you may be the only reason someone investigates to words of Jesus.

Today, you might break the cycle of what someone thought they knew about Jesus, and they will seek Him.

Today, you might make someone realize that all of their fears, and negative preconceptions of Christians... are true.

Today, you may show someone absolutely nothing.

Today, you may do this without ever knowing that you did.

You can help build up, or destroy someone's spiritual and eternal worldview today.

For those who say that Christ is their Lord and Savior, always remember that someone is watching you, and could be shaping their vision of faith upon your actions and words.

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Proverbs 16:3 Work Ethic

Hey everyone,

Today's blog will be quick, but hopefully effective.

Proverbs 16:3 says "Commit your works to the Lord, and your thoughts will be established."

We are not told that if we do this only good things will happen, or that we will have great gain, or wealth. We are told our thoughts will be established. The Lord will begin to fill our minds with His will, and we will begin to act out our thoughts which have been established through the Spirit.

In other words, if we are truly, really and truly committing our works to Him, seeking His guidance, and not working out of a spirit of selfishness, laziness, any sort of gain, or half-heartedness, the Spirit of God will establish our thoughts which, in turn, will guide us and allow us to do the works in which His will and blessings await us. Our thoughts will become arranged by Him. Who are you committed to in what you do each day? Who do you serve? Who do you work for? Why do you do what you do? You may be suprised at the outcome...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My first blog...

Hello all, I hope this finds you well. Today I begin my devotionals with my very first blog!
Since this is my first it had better be good, right! So I have decided that nothing would better suit my first devotional than to discuss my thoughts on creating my "Mission Statement".

Every reputable business, company, church, etc., has a solid mission statement that clearly describes to someone on the outside looking in, a brief quote that would best outline what they're all about, and why they exist. This begs the question, "What's mine?" "What am I all about?" "What are my goals?" "What do I believe?" "Whom do I serve?" Lastly, "How do I acheive this?"

After careful thought and prayer, this is what I have designed to be my mission statement...

" I am a man who loves and serves an awesome, all powerful God and creator, that decided to exercise His wrath meant for me onto His Son, who willingly accepted it, so that I could eternally know them both through the spirit.
I am a man that loves without question my beautiful wife, who is my best friend.
I am a man who has been blessed with two absolutely amazing children, that constantly provide me with joy, and who I am always proud of.
I am a man who genuinely loves all of my family even though we may not all be as close as we would like.
I am a man who loves my friends and church family and counts it an honor to go through life with you.
My ultimate goal is to live, love, serve, and walk in the same way that Christ did, so that those who may not know Him will, and so God may receive all his due glory.
There is not a single person in my realm of influence that will not benefit from this.
I am NOT perfect, not even close, and I have in the past, and will continue to in present and future, miss the mark, and screw up until my days are over.
But hope that those who see my heart, will be blessed by it.
For all this and more, I am unapologetic, and unafraid of losing face or status."

That was quite lengthy, but I had alot to fit in, and no one ( I know) ever said there was a rule to the length.

My challenge is this: Make a Mission Statement for your life. Who do you love? Why? Who do you serve? We all serve someone or something. Why are you here? Lastly, who or what will benefit from your "mission statement".

If any of these questions become difficult to answer, then maybe it's time to take a closer look at what you're all about. I am always here to help answer any questions.

Good day, God bless, and thank you for taking the time to care about my life!

Jason O

Read Joshua 1:9